Outline - Intro to Woodworking

Introduction to Woodworking

When I first started in the woodworking industry 30 years ago, I was very green. With no prior training it almost felt like I was thrown to the wolves. Over those first few years I was given only very basic info and wasn’t taught any of the real fundamentals essential to begin woodworking successfully. I had to learn most of what I know on my own and by making mistakes – which is not ideal. This course will save you hours of wasted time and frustration by preparing you with the basic fundamentals essential to working successfully with wood.

This five day, hands-on course will provide each student a thorough overview of the materials, tools and principles of safety that are so imperative in the woodworking shop and to becoming a fine craftsperson. Students will learn all about different types of wood: where it comes from and how to source it, why would you use one type of wood over another, what to look for when working with that material while forming it into a finished project. We will cover the different hand and power tools and machinery used in the woodshop, how to safely use and maintain them, while also learning some tricks of the trade. At the end of this course the student will have learned layout techniques while making a toolbox and other small projects that are designed to cover many techniques and joinery used in woodworking.

Tuition and class size: $850 - Five day course. The minimum number of students for the class to run is 2 to a maximum of 6 students.

Materials and tools: Some personal hand tools needed. A student tool list will be provided with the registration package. The school will provide all other hand/power tools and machinery necessary, as well as a printed or PDF version of the course handouts.