Outline - Half Hull

Building a Half Hull Model


 Half hull models were used in the early days of boatbuilding when boatbuilders would carve a small boat model or half model to visually work out a hull’s shape before building it. When the project was done, these half models were then mounted on the wall as future reference and/or to show a customer the different options of boats that could be built. When these half models are done with beautiful wood and finished with a frame they become striking works of art.


This four day intensive course on building a Half Hull Model covers boat drafting terminology, an understanding of boat lines and gives a basic survey of different hull designs. Each student will go home with a beautiful Half Hull model of a design supplied by the school. It’s possible for a student to create a model of their own boat if pre-established requirements (supplied at registration), are met.

Tuition and class size: $650 - Four day course. The minimum number of students for the class to run is 2 to a maximum of 6 students.

Materials and tools: Some personal hand tools needed. A student tool list will be provided with the registration package. The school will provide all material and hand/power tools and machinery necessary, as well as printed handouts.