Outline - Finishing

Marine Varnishing and Finishing

Over the past fifty years, fiberglass has largely replaced wood in boat construction. However, builders still rely on wood accents for warmth and tradition. There is nothing that compares with wood that has been properly finished to bring out a deep, rich beauty and grain.

Serious finishing on wood requires good preparation, time and patience. If a finishing job is rushed, it results in a “morale buster” – a sloppy-looking finish job that reflects on the entire woodworking project as badly executed and on the builder as uncaring.


In this three day course you will learn:

  • Describe the art of preparing wood for finishing

  • Understand how to prepare the finishing environment

  • Have an understanding of the different wood finishes available

  • Know which finish to use for different projects and woods

  • Describe how to look after your equipment



Tuition and class size: $450 - Three day course. The minimum number of students for the class to run is 2, to a maximum of 6 students.

Materials and tools: Some personal hand tools needed; student tool list provided with the registration package. The school will provide all other hand/power tools and machinery necessary, as well as a printed or PDF version of the course handouts.