Course Schedule 2018

Schedule of 2016 Courses at The Grove Woodworking School. Teaching boat interiors, cabinetry, into to woodworking, carving, deck hatches, door-making, finishing, lofting, planking and caulking. Gabriola Island, British Columbia. 

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2018 Courses / Workshops

Introduction to Woodworking                                                                     May 7-11, 5 days, $850

Introduction to Woodworking - Women only                                             May 14-18, 5 days, $850

Building Driftwood Furniture                                                                       May 23-25, 3 days, $500

Hull Planking and Caulking                                                                         May/June 28-1, 5 days, $850

Marine Varnishing & Finishing                                                                    Jun 4-6, 3 days, $500

Build your own Kayak, Price includes taking home your own Kayak       June 11-16, 6 days, $1,900

Wooden Block building, Make a Handy Billy                                           June 20-22, 3 days, $500

How to Loft a Boat Hull                                                                               June 25-29, 5 days, $850

Building a Half Hull Model                                                                          July 3-6, 4 days, $700

Tiny Home Interiors and Ship Cabinetry                                                   July 9-13, 5 days, $850

Deck Hatch Building                                                                                   July 16-20, 5 days, $850

Introduction to Carving, for Marine or Residential                                    July 23-25, 3 days, $500

Custom Door Making, for Marine or Residential                                      July/Aug 30-3, 5 days, $850

Building Driftwood Furniture                                                                      August 6-8, 3 days, $500

Introduction to Woodworking                                                                     August 13-17, 5 days, $850

One on One Learning                                                                                 Can schedule time all year round

All full courses run 8 hours daily.

Classes are kept small to allow for more one-on-one teaching. I recommend that you sign up early due to these small class sizes, in order to secure your spot.

Extra Classes

There will be some extra evening and weekend courses, workshops and lectures offered.  If they run they will be posted on the school website, news letter and Facebook page.

Half or full day potential workshops being considered:

  • Tiny Home Building workshop
  • Sail care, washing and small repairs
  • Splicing rope, three strand and double braid
  • Forge and metal work
  • How to use Sketch up
  • Sharpening and Tool Making

Should you have strong interest in any of those programs, please let us know, so we can consider including those to the existing schedule or planning a separate workshop.

We also offer programs for Groups, Company team development or Family get-togethers, which can be developed and run outside the regular program schedule.