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Welcome to The Grove Woodworking School


The Grove Woodworking School is tucked amongst the trees on beautiful Gabriola Island, B.C. Canada. 

Courses and Workshops will mainly focus on woodworking skills and techniques for the marine environment, with all skills being transferable to general woodworking. A few non-marine programs will be offered as well. Course material is designed principally for novices; those for advanced learners will be noted. Most of the material will be taught by Tony Grove, with a guest woodworker or specialist brought in to teach some courses.

Our Mission: Passing on Traditional Skills & Fine Craftsmanship

Our Mission: Passing on Traditional Skills & Fine Craftsmanship

I welcome submissions and suggestions of what you would like to see in programs, or you would be interested in learning. Email me at tgrovews@gmail.com and I'll keep you informed as things develop. This will also ensure you are first in line for these master classes!

Looking forward to working together, 
Tony Grove

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When a person reaches that time in their life when they possess a rich storehouse of experience and skills in a particular sphere, I believe they are almost duty-bound to pass on that knowledge for the benefit of future generations. -T.G.

About the Instructor:

After completing a four-year boatbuilding apprenticeship that started in 1980, Tony Grove honed his skills as a shipwright, specializing in wooden boat restoration/ construction, boat interiors building and custom furniture design. This chain of experience led him to leave the city of Vancouver BC, and in 1999 start instructing at the Silva Bay Shipyard School on Gabriola Island BC. Tony taught traditional Boatbuilding plus a course (the first of its kind) that he designed on Ship Cabinetry/Joinery. Tony eventually became the school’s head instructor but decided to leave the school in 2005 to spend time with his family and is now working for himself as a custom woodworker, boatbuilder, artist, writer and teacher.